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[Run2_2017] Add a new Docker image for ServiceX

Alexx Perloff requested to merge github/fork/aperloff/Run2_2017_Docker into Run2_2017

Created by: aperloff

Add the automatic creation of a new Docker image for ServiceX. This creation will take place after the base image for TreeMaker and simultaneous to the integration test. The reason this image is needed is to add some customization to the python packages and environment variables.

In doing this work, several updated were made to the GitHub actions workflow.

  1. Publishing is turned off for all users except 'TreeMaker'. While this isn't totally secure, it prevents innocent users from accidentally overwriting the images if they happen to have the DockerHub secrets.
  2. The integration-test and service-x workflows won't run if the user isn't 'TreeMaker'. As the image won't be updated unless the user is merging in the Run2_2017 branch after a PR and the users account can't publish the resulting images, it doesn't make sense to go through the effort for them to run a second , but unpublished, integration test.

Because of the changes mentioned above, I was unable to test to ServiceX workflow in it's entirety. I was able to test that if one uses the treemaker/treemaker:Runw_2017-latest image, that the .github/ServiceX/scripts/ works. The only part that is untested is the .github/ServiceX/scripts/ part.

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