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Fix warning about null pointer being passed to memcpy

I'd use std::copy_n(), but that's a host-only function
and the function being fixed is host/device, so I replace
memcpy() with a simple for loop.
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......@@ -237,10 +237,10 @@ public:
void Set(const Precision *trans, const Precision *rot, bool has_trans, bool has_rot)
constexpr size_t kN3 = 3 * sizeof(Precision);
constexpr size_t kN9 = 9 * sizeof(Precision);
memcpy(fTranslation, trans, kN3);
memcpy(fRotation, rot, kN9);
for (auto &x : fTranslation)
x = *trans++;
for (auto &r : fRotation)
r = *rot++;
fHasTranslation = has_trans;
fHasRotation = has_rot;
fIdentity = !fHasTranslation && !fHasRotation;
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