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# High Performance Computing clusters at INFN-CNAF
An __HPC cluster dedicated to CERN studies__ is available at INFN-CNAF (Bologna, Italy) allowing for MPI applications across multiple nodes.
The cluster presently features a total of about 800 CPU-cores.
## Access
Access to the cluster can be requested by sending an email to abp.computing[AT] including the following information:
- The filled in <a href="" target="_blank">form</a>. Please add Daniele Cesini as contact person and "Access to the hpc_acc Cluster to run High Energy Physics simulation codes" as the reason.
- A copy of identity card or other valid identification document (e.g. passport).
## Usage
- Users should connect via ssh to and from there access the cluster front-end called
- The LSF system is installed on the cluster to manage job submissions. Jobs should be submitted to the ”hpc acc” queue.
- If you have inquiries about running your jobs on this cluster or need technical support, please write an email to <a href=""></a>
## Other links
__Relevant links__ to obtain further information on this cluster are:
<ul><li> Presentation by Antonio Falabella at <a href="" target="_blank">ABP-CWG meeting on 20 July, 2017</a>
</li> <li> Presentation by Annalisa Romano on how to submit jobs at <a href="" target="_blank">ABP-CWG meeting on 4 July 2017</a>
</li> <li> Note on outcome of the acceptance test to proceed to the second phase of the cluster procurement and installation: <em>Performance of space charge simulations using High Performance Computing (HPC) cluster</em> <a href="" target="_blank">CERN-ACC-NOTE-2017-0048</a>
## Support
* Please note that Antonio Falabella ([]( is available to assist you, should you encounter any problem in connecting or running your jobs in the present configuration.
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