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NXCALS-130 migration scripts

Nikolay Tsvetkov requested to merge feature-NXCALS-130 into develop

#Merge request template @acc-logging-team - please have a look for approval.

Created on behalf of @psowinsk . Includes changes related to the Migration DB population script and logic for migrating non existing entities.

Please resolve all discussions before removing WIP:

Two general comments here - you seem to have a large number of DB changes that are not done with the Liquibase way. All that will fail during the installation of the system if you don't remove the proper hashes from the already installed ones. Some of the looked even more suspicious - like changes to to the existing tables in place without alter table.

Second comment is about the size of this MR. It is impossible to say what is the purpose of it and do any real review. Please split your tasks into smaller unit that are easier to follow.

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