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Tags give the ability to mark specific points in history as being important
  • run2_v0
  • run3_v0
  • run2
  • v3
  • bdt
    c409bbf8 · init ·
  • bdt_v2
  • v2
  • 0.9.0
    Central EasyjetHub updates:
    - MC23d support
    - generatorWeight + PUWeight added for PHYSLITE
    - extra VBF variables + bug fix
    - dataset updates
  • 0.7.0
    8f75eca2 · experimental pcbt scores ·
    Central EasyjetHub updates:
    - interface of TauAntiTauJet overlap removal
    - flag updates
    - configurable GRL
    - configurable trigger chains
    - configurable object working points, including extra ones
    - support of EMTopo jets
    - updated photon cleaning + pointing correction
    - introduction of CutManager
    - fix jet selector with b-tag working point
    - object scale factors
    - object variable name harmonisation
    - truth HH variables
    - pseudo-continuous b-tagging
    - migration to Athena Thinning block configs
    - data-taking year stored as a variable
    - ortHHogonality developments
    - KinematicFit subpackage
    - first version
    - addition of b-jet GRL
    - new variables
    - trigger selections
    - move MMC computation post event selections
    - full systematics support
    - new variables, non-resonant BDT inputs + resonant PNN
    - updated jet sorting + Hbb + VBF selections
    - EasyjetPlus postprocessing
    - overlap removal ON
    New analysis packages:
    - bbVV
    - bbll
    - lltt
    - ttHH
    Requires AthAnalysis,24.2.38 (slow start up due to ATLINFR-5215)
  • 0.6.0
    8d99789c · Move to 24.2.20 ·
    Major reorganisation:
    - Rearranged some module names for a more consistent naming scheme
    - Reorganised CI tests and added capability to run all locally
    - Flags are locked centrally after creation, only modified by yaml or CLI
    - Moved container name specification into yaml
    - Move CP alg configuration to use ConfigBlock/ConfigAccumulator
      - This changes the overlap removal handling in the ntuples to write out a decoration instead of OR-ed containers due to limitations in the output tree alg.
    New features:
    - Permit multiple TTrees to be configured from yaml
    - Convert of flags.Analysis into ConfigItem class that behaves like an immutable dict
    - Generalise HH truth decay algorithm to handle multiple decay modes
    - Optimise TTree output by selecting branches for systematic variations
    - Add linking between nominal and systematic variation objects
    - Add an alg for creating output view containers holding objects passing selection for any systematic variation
    - Use MET ntuple maker for MET branches
    - Disable overlap removal branches for MET
    - Slight reorganisation of central docs
    - Expanded the yybb README
    Requires AthAnalysis,24.2.20
  • 0.5.0
    Major reorganisation:
    - first tag since easyjet/hh4b-analysis -> easyjet/easyjet renaming
    - split HH4bAnalysis package into (bbbb/bbyy/bbtt)Analysis
    Generic new features
    - all object types supported with calibration & (systematics aware) object selectors
    - switch systematics on/off in output with branch-level granularity
    - AOD and boost histogram output
    - hierarchical yaml
    Features for bbtautau
    - Decorators for lepton charge and tau nProng
    - MMC
    - trigger lists
    Features for yybb
    - Added selection & cutflow
  • 0.4.0
    c24144a8 · Update list of SM H(bb). ·
    - Separates core easyjet code into the EasyjetHub package, such that HH4bAnalysis contains only analysis-specific code
    - Adds yybb analysis code to HH4bAnalysis and photon calibration to CP alg configs
    - CI test for mc23 samples
  • EasyjetHub-split
    c24144a8 · Update list of SM H(bb). ·
    Separates core easyjet code into the EasyjetHub package, such that HH4bAnalysis contains only analysis-specific code
  • 0.3.0
    - Updating to release `24.2.8`. 
       - This release includes the JMS-JES pre-recommendations for UFO large-R jets.
    - Changes to read truth information on Large-R jets LCTopo collection.
    - Fixes on decorator names in `TruthParentDecoratorAlg`.
  • 0.2.1
    Main feature change is output branch handling and naming scheme as described in #57.
    Specific diffs can be viewed on !177.
    Other notable changes:
    - Change TTree branch output name `recojet_antikt4` -> `recojet_antikt4PFlow`
  • 0.2.0
    8463b3d0 · Minituple branch manager ·
    Branch naming conventions enforced
  • 0.1.0
    Initial numbered release
  • 2023-02-24