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Fast Masetti and MasettiCanali Models

Simon Spannagel requested to merge perf_powfast_log into master

This adds a tabulated pow implementation with logarithmic binning, making it possible to cover huge ranges like required for the doping concentration of the Masetti models, covering 1e13/cm^3 - 1e20/cm^3 of relevant doping concentrations.

Using this, there is a masetti_fast and a masetti_canali_fast model, the latter performing like this:

At effective doping of 1e13/cm^3

imcf_e_1e13 imcf_h_1e13

mcf_e_1e13 mcf_h_1e13

At effective doping of 1e20/cm^3

icanali_e icanali_h

canali_e canali_h

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