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Radial strip detectors

This implementation allows simulation of radial strip detectors with trapezoidal sensors by introducing a new class of detector models called the RadialStripDetectorModel.

Radial strip detectors

A radial strip detector is defined using four parameters for each given strip row:

  • number_of_strips
  • inner_pitch
  • angular_pitch
  • strip_length

The local coordinate center is placed in the sensor focal point (center of the arcs that form the sensor edges), its position is calculated automatically based on the parameters above. The wrapper of the sensor is trapezoidal (G4Trd object).


Two examples are included: radial_strip and atlas_itk_petal.

  • radial_strip : Simple simulation of the ATLAS ITk R0 end-cap detector with an electron beam and cross-talk effect via the CapacitiveTransfer module.
  • atlas_itk_petal : Simulation of the ATLAS ITk petal structure with 18 end-cap modules of all available types (R0-R5).

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