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Draft: add Cons passive model

In developing a custom LHCb simulation (simplified) i had to include a beam-pipe passive material geometry. The addition allows to parse a generic Cons. Being the first contribution to the project, let me know if there are additional changes to do.

To review:

  • what to put as max size?
  • example updated and checked.

Effectively what I want to ultimately add to the simulation with allpix-squared is an element defined like this in the GDML file i am depacking

    <cone aunit="deg" deltaphi="360" lunit="mm" name="MagnetCons0xfebe9a0" rmax1="50"   rmax2="141" rmin1="0" rmin2="0" startphi="0" z="4920"/>
    <tube aunit="deg" deltaphi="360" lunit="mm" name="ExitWindowInnerRingTubs0xf54d860" rmax="35" rmin="20" startphi="0" z="132"/>
    <tube aunit="deg" deltaphi="360" lunit="mm" name="ExitWindowOuterRingTubs0xf54e810" rmax="50" rmin="35" startphi="0" z="132"/>
    <tube aunit="deg" deltaphi="360" lunit="mm" name="VeloPixSupportTubs0xf550650"      rmax="250" rmin="0" startphi="0" z="1170"/>

Which means i probably also need to add G4Tubs model , but i guess Cylinder model is the same ?

Edited by Renato Quagliani

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