Patch release v1.3.4

The following issues have been resolved and improvements have been made:

  • Core:
    • The offset to electric fields is now applied in positive direction instead of negative. This solves a problem with the calculation of the field on the very first pixel column and row. For more information, see the merge request.
    • The SensorCharge Object was lacking the implementation of the getGlobalPosition() member which has been added now.
  • Module: ProjectionPropagation: Similar to GenericPropagation, the total time for evaluating charge positions can now be limited using the integration_time parameter. The total drift time for all charge carriers is histogrammed for reference if output_plots = true is set.
  • Module: ElectricFieldReader: The module throws an error in case negative offsets for the field are used.
  • Module: VisualizationGeant4: The display limit for Geant4 rendering objects can now be configured via the display_limit parameter. The default changed from previously 500k to one million objects now.
  • Manual: Added additional DOIs for several references.