Patch release 1.4.4

The following issues have been resolved and improvements have been made:

  • General: Following an update of the tool chain for the continuous integration, numerous suggestions by the new linter version have been incorporated, including a few renamed functions which now properly adhere to the coding guidelines and naming scheme. This concerns core parts of the code as well as the modules CorryvreckanWriter, RCEWriter, ROOTObjectReader and VisualizationGeant4. The framework now is compatible and builds with Clang11. The new CI build chain is not part of this release but will be introduced in the next feature release.
  • Module ROOTObjectReader: The file extension .root is now automatically added to the file name if not present.
  • Module DefaultDigitizer: Now ADC charge plots are also properly filled if the ADC range is set to 1, i.e. binary readout.
  • Module DepositionPointCharge: In the scan mode the pixel is now properly scanned from its edge. Furthermore, the position parameter can now be used to shift this even in the scan mode.
  • Module TransientPropagation: The documentation has been updated as it contained a few outdated statements.
  • Tools / MeshConverter: The TCAD MeshConverter tool now comes with improved default settings for the maximum search radius as well as a better error message in case of a failed interpolation.