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Update tests and general bug fixes

Alexander Froch requested to merge alfroch-adding-tests into master

This MR adds the following things:

  • Adding -s option to integration tests, so the stdout of the tests is shown while they are running.
  • Removing Configuration of the evaluation_tools -> Never used.
  • Removing not-implemented function from evaluation_tools (is covered by Maxence MR !190 (merged)).
  • Created new integration tests for the pdf sampling method. It runs in the test_preprocessing stage and is not further used till now -> Maybe add more integration tests for the taggers with these preprocessed samples later.
  • Fixed long runtime of the test_train_dl1r -> Shapley still had default values which were way to big for testing purposes.
  • Added unit tests for tf_tools and a small one for evaluation_tools.
  • Moving the transformation of the np.arrays to tf.tensors to the NN_tools -> The tf.tensors fixed the memory issue for DIPS and Umami.
  • Fixing the number of jets used in training (the nJets_train from the config were overwritten by the full size of the training file. One of the reasons the integration tests needed so much. The integration tests for training the taggers should be way faster now (from 17 Minutes to 3 Minutes).
  • Overall improvement of the time needed for the whole pipeline: 30 minutes -> 10 minutes.
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