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Adding conditional attention

Alexander Froch requested to merge alfroch-achtung-achtung into master

This MR adds the following:

  • Adding new train script for DIPS Conditional Attention + example train config.
  • Adding support for new DIPS Conditional Attention model in the validation/evaluation chain.
  • Adding integration test for train/validation/evaluation of DIPS Conditional Attention.
  • Fixing some issues in the tf_tools/models with the masking (also adapted the unit test).
  • Adding new generator for DIPS Conditional Attention.
  • Adding some flexibility to the loading of the loading_validation_data functions.
  • Adding compatibility of the for DIPS and DIPS Conditional Attention.
  • Adding DIPS Conditional Attention to possible models for
  • Adding DIPS Conditional Attention train script to the
  • Make the calculation of the Saliency maps steerable in the train config of the DIPS models.
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