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Increasing umami version to 0.6

Manuel Guth requested to merge mguth-tag-0.6 into master

The following new features were added since release 0.5:

  • CI improvements
  • latest samples added to documentation
  • packages were upgraded
  • new Python API added for plotting of ROC curves
  • Added normalisation option to input plotting
  • logging level for all tests are set by default to debug
  • Added optional results filename extension
  • Added docs for pdf method and parallelise pdf method
  • Possibility to modify names of track variables in config files
  • Added new sphinx documentation
  • Black was added in CI
  • fraction contour plots were added
  • bb-jets category colour was changed
  • Copying now config files during pre-processing
  • several doc string updates
  • docs update for taggers (merged them)
  • save divide added
  • flexible validation sample definition in config added

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