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Update TFRecord reader/writer + Adding support for CADS and Umami Cond Att

Alexander Froch requested to merge alfroch-update-tf-tools into master

This MR adds the following:

  • Adding multiple track collections in TFRecords is now available. Closes #109 (closed)
  • Adapting the reader/writer of TFRecords so the correct track collection, conditional info etc. is loaded.
  • Adding possibility to train CADS with TFRecords.
  • Adapting unit tests of the TFRecords reader/writer.
  • Adding Integration tests for CADS with TFRecords, Umami Cond Att and Umami Cond Att with TFRecords. Related to #142 (closed).
  • Fixing issues in the evaluation chain of Umami Cond Att. Closes #143 (closed)
  • Update documentation of preprocessing config section convert_to_tfrecord.
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