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Fixing issue with integration test + Removing old namings

Alexander Froch requested to merge alfroch-fix-small-issues into master


This MR introduces the following changes

  • Removing old MC16d from all examples and documentation.
  • Adding correct names (or more self explanatory names) of validation- and test files to the train configs in examples/.
  • Renaming integration tests test_train_umami_cond_att->test_train_cond_att_umami and test_train_tfrecords_umami_cond_att->test_train_tfrecords_cond_att_umami. When running pytest with -k to only run a certain test, the name of the tests are checked. If the given string is in the test name, the test will be run. So when running test_train_umami (which IS a integration test), this will trigger not only test_train_umami but also test_train_umami_cond_att. To prevent this, the test for umami_cond_att are renamed.
  • Adding fix for merge conflicts in the


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