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Adding Plotting API to PlottingFunctions in the eval tools

Alexander Froch requested to merge alfroch-fix-PlottingFunctions into master


This MR introduces the following changes

  • Adding draw_wps to histogram. Here you need to give the x-axis value where the vertical lines are plotted (Needed for the discriminant scores plots).
  • Removing plotEfficiencyVariable, plotEfficiencyVariableComparison, FlatEfficiencyPerBin and plotFractionScan.
  • Merging plotROCRatio and plotROCRatioComparison.
  • Merging plot_score and plot_score_comparison.
  • Merging plot_prob and plot_prob_comparison.
  • Adapting to merged functions.
  • Adapting examples for DL1r, DIPS and Umami to merged functions.
  • Adapting unit tests to new merged functions.

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