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Updates following April 17 meeting

Giovanni Guerrieri requested to merge updates_comments into master

Summary of proposed modifications:

Landing page and main menu

  • Change title on main menu from ATLAS Open Data Documentation to ATLAS Open Data
  • First sentence: High Energy Physics for everyone.
  • What happened to the old website? -> What's new?
  • add FAQs
  • Why ATLAS Open Data? -> Our Values
    • add the get started button below
    • mention both education and research

User paths

  • "User path" -> Get Started
  • Students-> Classroom
  • Curious-> At home
  • Add card for Data visualisation
  • Researchers card
    • "PHYSLITE" -> "The PHYSLITE data format"
  • Add glossary as an entry to each card
  • "13 TeV Data for Education" -> "Legacy 13 TeV Data for Education"
  • "2024 Release of Data for Research" -> "13 TeV Data for Research"


  • "ATLAS Open Data Release" -> "ATLAS Open Data Policy"
  • Put Theory stuff under Theory stuff. Currently added under "ATLAS and the Large Hadron Collider"
  • "Monte Carlo simulation" -> "Simulated Data"


  • Add "for education" in the tutorials
  • Visualization:
    • Introduce it in the user path.
    • Change the titles to be more accessible.

Items to be implemented in the future (from the non official draft list of ToDos):

User paths

  • Add information about target users:
    • Expertise required
    • Time taken by each activity


  • Keep video tutorials and embed them

IMPORTANT: there are still changes to be discussed, this is not the definitive MR!

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