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WIP: Test with docker image

Mukesh Kumar requested to merge test-with-docker-image into master

WIP: testing CI with docker image

  • Remove anything not associated to the changes in the CI (it seems like only .gitlab-ci.yml should stay)
  • Probably the correct execution relies on cvmfs being mounted in the gitlab runner. Check whether we need to use runners with cvmfs tag (we do)
  • Check if we need to use atlas_external_cvmfs image or if it's enough to use tags:cvmfs
  • Check whether we need to do anything specific for GRID files that live on eos. Do we need the eos image to run the job?
  • Build docker image from atlas_external_cvmfs and
  • Check whether slc6 or cc7 is used (most probably it's the former but good to check - then #33 (closed) can be closed)
  • Use this new image to test with
    • 421001 (simple jO)
    • 421003 (contains GRID file)

Use only 10 events for testing

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