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Fix exit status

Spyros Argyropoulos requested to merge fixExitStatus into master

This MR fixes the problematic situation encountered in !109 (merged) where Gen_tf failed but run_athena and check_logParser returned success. This was because of the set +e flag that is set early in the CI scripts.

Bug fixes:

  • Use set -e before running so that any error in the execution of the transform immediately makes the pipeline to fail: This pipeline shows the result and is what Matthew would have obtained in his MR
  • Catch errors in the exectution of logParser from check_logParser and make the associated job fail


  • Take number of events to run from jO in the run_athena job (Closes #49 (closed))

There is still a bug in as described in #50 (closed) which needs to be fixed in athena (tagging @pengc @ewelina)

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