Avoid usePMGSettings for long-lived Higgsino production [skip modfiles]

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Description of bug

This control file corresponds to long-lived Higgsino production with decays via SM higgs or Z. The corresponding samples need to be reproduced in order to fix a separate issue related to the production vertices of quarks coming from displaced decays. That bug was originally described here: https://its.cern.ch/jira/browse/AGENE-2019

Unfortunately, a change was made to MadGraphControl after the original production that causes jobs to crash in newer releases. In particular, MadGraphControl now updates the lepton, quark, and boson masses/widths to their PMG-recommended values by default. In the process, though, the N1 SUSY decay is somehow lost and the jobs crash.

Changes introduced

In this MR, the function that sets these PMG values is explicitly turned off in order to avoid the crash. Many checks have been performed to ensure that any slight differences in quark/lepton/boson masses are negligible with respect to the cross-section and kinematics. All existing samples will be be obsoleted and this modified control file will be used to produce the new samples.


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