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Javiers H721 NLO dijets

Jan Kretzschmar requested to merge dsid_jkretz_100001 into master

JIRA ticket


Checklist for requesters

Checklist for approvers

  • All the items in the "Checklist for requesters" have been completed successfully
  • The pipeline has run and the status is green (if it is orange look at the CI job output and iterate with the requesters to sort out the issues if possible)
  • CI jobs have not been skipped (if jobs have been skipped, the requesters should provide a reason for skipping and confirmation from the PMG conveners is necessary before merging)
  • Look at the output of the child pipeline created by run_child_pipeline and make sure that at least one run_athena_DSID job has run. If it's not the case, confirmation from the PMG conveners is necessary before merging
  • Check that no log.generate.short files are included in the commit to be merged to master. If such files are present, it indicates that something went wrong in the pipeline. Check the job logs and contact the package maintainers if needed.
  • Check that no file has been modified or deleted
  • Check that the title of the MR is descriptive enough (if not ask the requester to modify it)
  • Check that the DSID range assigned is correct (500000-999999) and corresponds to right generator block

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