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MadGraphControl test updates: SUSY tests

Zach Marshall requested to merge zmarshal_MGC_SUSY_Test into master

This MR sets up three SUSY-based examples. The first generates and then uses a gridpack. The second is doing full generation on the fly. The third will be generation based on an LHE input file, but I need a bit more work to get that one behaving the way we want it to (still to come).

It also changes the logic in the other MGC tests to work based on nEventsPerJob and minevents, to avoid hard-coding anything but a multiplier.

One question that comes from these. I wanted to show the include-master model for grid job options, but it's not clear to me yet whether these will be used for more grids. I can push them into one of the central areas if that's the best way to go, or I can keep them where they are and skip that part of the CI, or a number of other options. Opinions here are welcome!

Thanks, Zach

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