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Update aMC tqgamma jO with P8 MEC and top param settings

Katharina Voss requested to merge fix_katharin_523588 into master

Description of bug

The previously uploaded aMCPy8 job options did not employ yet the new recommendations for the Py8 MEC settings. Further the MG parameters recommended in top quark processes are used in the updated job options. These job options should be used to generate samples in AthGeneration,21.6.104 as requested in the ATLMCPROD-10765.

Changes introduced

Include new MEC settings as done with 950xxx/950743/Pythia8_i/, set BW width in MadSpin settings to 50 GeV and use the MG python helper function set_top_params.


The new job options and the generated log.generate files were checked with the git submission script.

Issues resolved

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