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Removing MultiElecMuTau filter and decreasing inputFilesPerJob [skip modfiles]

Marisilvia Donadelli requested to merge silvinha_myBranch into master

Description of bug

Avoiding CPU wastage by reducing the inputFilesPerJob in this showering JO for non-resonant ggF HH->bbtautau(HadHad) MC sample request:

Also, removing the kinematic cuts completely from the filter to avoid any bias, as it is done in other DiHiggs analyses (4b and bbyy).

Changes introduced

It was: evgenConfig.inputFilesPerJob = 85

and now it is reduced: evgenConfig.inputFilesPerJob = 65

Filter for 2 leptons (inc tau(had)) with pt cuts on e/mu and tau(had) and leading tau filter were removed.


Details can be found in this presentation:

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