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Reducing nEventsPerJob to allow weight variations [skip modfiles]

Marisilvia Donadelli requested to merge myBranch_silvinha into master

Description of bug

Runtime estimated in log file with nominal PDF and nominal scale variations only is very high if nEventsPerJob = 5000

Changes introduced

Mofified to:

nEventsPerJob = 500, as it is set in all the other JOs, for both hadhad and lephad final states.


Initially, in the registration process, nEventsPerJob = 500 yielded low CPU time for kl=-1, 5, 10 JOs. In order to avoid running the commit script adding the -u option, the number was increased. However, since the runtime for nominal PDF and nominal scale variations turned out to be very high, this request proposes to keep nEventsPerJob = 500 as it is for the remaining JOs. For further reference, see ATLMCPROD-11206.

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