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Fixes for commit script [skip modfiles]

Spyros Argyropoulos requested to merge fixes into master
  1. This fixes the bug in !61 (merged) where [skip athena] was specified as a commit message when running the commit script but log.generate.short was added to the commit.

log.generate.short is removed automatically by the check_logParser job, so if this doesn't run the log.generate.short would be left in the repo. I know added a protection against this, so that if [skip athena] or [skip logparser] are specified in the commit message log.generate.short will not be added to the commit.

  1. Fixing bug in #40 (closed) (Closes #40 (closed))

  2. Moving logParser to python3 (Closes #31 (closed))

  3. Executing scripts from gitlab-ci instead of sourcing them (Closes #37 (closed))
    Successful test shown here Screenshot_2019-09-29_at_15.35.03

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