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New triggers for skipping specific CI jobs and update of README

Spyros Argyropoulos requested to merge check_common into master

This job addresses two issues, as discussed in #6 (closed)

  1. Switching to new development model using branches instead of forks

Forks will not work since some CI jobs (logParser, athena) rely on hidden variables that are not transferred to forks. The only supported way of running those jobs would be to use branches. Since the master branch is protected (noone can push to it and only maintainers can merge) there is no risk for unwanted merges (everything has to be approved and merged by maintainers) so in principle we could give developer role to everyone

  1. Skipping specific jobs

I removed the option to skip the following jobs:

  • jO naming (check_jo_consistency)
  • unique physics short and have changed the trigger in order to be able to skip specific jobs
  • modified files can be skipped with [skip modfiles]
  • logParser check can be skipped with [skip logparser]
  1. README has been updated accordingly. Also added a description of the pipelines

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