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WIP: Customizable Super-Chunk-Factor and DUNE configuration package

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SUPER_CHUNK_FACTOR independently customizable in each link

For DUNE, it will be helpful to be able to specify the number of WIB_FRAMES to pack together in a "Super-Chunk" at the single link level, instead of the current single firmware-wide value. Essentially, in each SLR, 5 CRFM channels will keep packing 12 WIB-frames in a single SuperChunk, while the 6th will use the normal factor of 1 for the Hit-Finder packets.

DUNE Configuration VHDL package

Vivado TCL allows to declare and use arrays but not to pass them to a VHDL top-level generics (useful for previous point). Therefore, a DUNE configuration package seems appropriate to enable all DUNE mods, including those currently handled by TCL implementation script. A single TCL boolean will enable or ignore this package.

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