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Before XOFF could be connected properly, I first needed to do some renaming and cleanup:

Frans Schreuder requested to merge FLX-1827_ImprovedXOFF_master into master
  • Removed occurrenses of XOFF which don't actually mean XOFF (signals, ports, etc)
  • Renamed Up* to FromHost and Down* to ToHost because these names were actually wrong, opposite of what is used in Atlas.
  • Some removal of unused ports, nets, signals and other warnings raised by Sigasi
  • Added FIFO monitoring in Wupper (BAR0)
  • After all this, the actual XOFF connections are possible
    • Connected global XOFF (from both PCIe endpoint's CentralRouter) to endpoint0, link0 to have all fullmode links XOFF possible on one GBT link.
    • Added TTC option 8: 2-bit XOFF + L1A
    • Continuously send XOFF / XON according to the level of the signal, every 16 bytes (instead of IDLE)

Closes FLX-1827

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