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Draft: BCMPrime (BCM') intilisation to felix FW

Ismet Siral requested to merge phase2/BCMPrimeIntilisation into phase2/master

This is merge request introduces the BCM' flavor to the FELIX. This merge request will remain in draft form until we identify all the requirements that needs to be done to introduce BCM' firmware. Please feel free to comment on all items I might be missing.

The firmware is still in work in progress mode. The firmware introduces a new the decoding block introducing the BCMPrime flavor decoding. BCM' doesn't require encoding other then the strand LpGBT IC frames. Currently for encdoing Pixel firmware is used as the bassi block, but this can definitely be reduced in the future.

Currently no BCM' specific registers are used, which will be introduced later on. (Like elink alignment, elink polarity change etc. ) In parallel, currently for dma_control_12.vhd (BCM' version) file, we directly copy over the pixel version. The generator would need to be edited accordingly which I have yet to do.

In far future, we would also need to identify beam abort requirements, and implement that.

More details on this firmware can be found on these slides:

Sincerely Ismet Siral

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