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BCMPrime Firmware Intitialisation

Ismet Siral requested to merge phase2/BCMPrimeIntilisation into phase2/master

BCM Prime (BCM'), firmware is now ready with majority of it's feature requirements fulfilled. It's missing one big feature which is handling and calling for beam abort but this functionality won't be available anytime soon.

For this reason, I am opening this merge request to make BCM Prime firmware to be part of the FELIX firmware.

The firmware introduces a new library: BCM A new decoding module:decoding/DecodingBCMLinkLPGBT.vhd A few new registers that are only BCM related. Modifications to decoding/decoding.vhd library for mapping the new decoder library. Small changes to ttc/ttc_decoder/ttc_fmc_wrapper_xilinx.vhd and FelixTop/felix_top.vhd for enabling few extra ISTESTBEAM options New gitlab-ci to also compile the BCM_PRIME flavor with relevant scripts.

Let me know how to proceed. If requested, I can open an extra JIRA ticket to follow-up the request there.

Extra note: BCM_PRIME was assigned the ID/mode code 13, and ID/mode code 12 was assigned for a differnet project. Sadly some dma files for the dma_control_12 was never generated in the code, which I had to introduce. Example:

A summary Jira ticket has been formed here:

Sincerely Ismet Siral

@solans @iasensi

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