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"isolov submitted pbeast with tag master for tdaq-11-02-01"

Igor Soloviev requested to merge isolov/tdaq-11-02-01/pbeast into tdaq-11-02-01

=== pbeast ===

cut interval boundaries in case of attribute type change inside a query (Igor Soloviev) improve accuracy of report about data type validity (Igor Soloviev) when merge files, close group on data type change to cover back and forth type changes during the same merge interval and avoid data files overlaps as described in ADAMATLAS-477 (Igor Soloviev) ignore file type change in the read_attribute functions since the type can be changed by various reasons (Igor Soloviev) avoid centos7 compilation (Igor Soloviev) fix occasional shift of aggregation data (integer ceil) as discussed in ADAMATLAS-480 (Igor Soloviev) fix issue with many data points returned for certain types of data when lookup-next-value-time-lapse parameter is set to a large value as described in ADAMATLAS-483 (Igor Soloviev) adjust downsmpled data edges when aggregation functions are used to fix ADAMATLAS-480 (Igor Soloviev) fix generated json for classes without attributes (Igor Soloviev) install pbeast monitoring schema (Igor Soloviev) add string serialization requied by http POST requests (Igor Soloviev) remove unused config and dal includes in test application (Igor Soloviev) use curl post request to define schema (Igor Soloviev) reuse CURL handler as discussed in ADAMATLAS-473: 1. declare CURL handler thread local 2. reuse CURL handler in PBEAST curl requests 3. use POST curl method in bstconfig instead of headers 4. use POST curl method defining pbeast schema (Igor Soloviev) add pbeast_read_mt to evaluate performance of multi-threaded CURL requests (Igor Soloviev) add MIMEPOST support to PBEAST CurlRequest interface to adderss future pvss2pbeast requirements ADAMATLAS-471 (Igor Soloviev) Add include for (Reiner Hauser)

  1. use c++20 standard way to convert std::filesystem::last_write_time to std::time_t 2. Fix obsolete openssl 3.0 MD5 by EVP (Igor Soloviev) add PBEAST_LD_PRELOAD OKS variable to pbeast binaries (Igor Soloviev) fix wrong object timestamps created by bstconfig plugin (Igor Soloviev) fix layout in config_json_dump (Igor Soloviev) add TDAQ_PBEAST_QUERY_UNTIL, TDAQ_PBEAST_QUERY_SINCE and TDAQ_PBEAST_QUERY_PREV_INTERVAL parameters to bstconfig to get an object at concrete timestamp (Igor Soloviev) first version of config_dump_json required by ADAMATLAS-459 (Igor Soloviev)

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