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"isolov submitted rdb with tag master for tdaq-11-02-01"

Igor Soloviev requested to merge isolov/tdaq-11-02-01/rdb into tdaq-11-02-01

=== rdb ===

improve error reporting in case of schema reload as discussed in ADTCC-339 (Igor Soloviev) style and code layout changes (Igor Soloviev) move rdb_subscriber cmdline -> boost::program_options (Igor Soloviev) add release notes (Igor Soloviev) do not try backup on reload, if backup is disabled (Igor Soloviev) fix few issues with unsafe handling of the ProcessInfo containing DAQ token (Igor Soloviev)

=== rdbconfig ===

add compilation dependency on ers2idl/jers2idl.jar and improve org.omg.CORBA.SystemException error reporting (Igor Soloviev) avoid Jers "upgrade" constructors after Jers patch, fix reporting as suggested in ADTCC-335 (Igor Soloviev) the token must be refreshed before call to close sessio to avoid bad token verify in case of issues on RDB writer side (Igor Soloviev)

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