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Added data receiving timeout to GBT fragment building algorithm. Several bugs have been fixed.

Serguei Kolos requested to merge kolos/tdaq-09-04-00/swrod into tdaq-09-04-00

=== swrod ===

Add possibility to test SW ROD with data that is not initially synchronised (Serguei Kolos) Do not increment packet counter for a droppped packet. Do not count dropped packets in the currently built fragment (Serguei Kolos) Allow the first L1ID to be non-zero (Serguei Kolos) Improve formatting (Serguei Kolos) Fix race condition in the synchronous command implementation (Serguei Kolos) Fix L1IDs comparision in the stopless recovery procedure (Serguei Kolos) Unlock mutex before notifying condition (Serguei Kolos) Improve accuracy for the tests with precise number of triggers to be generated (Serguei Kolos) Fix incorrect number of received events for restart test (Serguei Kolos) Fix hangup of the unit test, which may happen during synchronous command execution (Serguei Kolos) Imptove synchronisation in InternalData input to fix unit test failures (Serguei Kolos) Upgrade a few messages from DEBUG to LOG (Serguei Kolos) Remove extra space (Serguei Kolos) Improve internal data generators to fix broken stopless recovery unit test (Serguei Kolos) Use 'using std::chrono' declaration (Serguei Kolos) Add missing ProfileExecution parameter for custom processing configuration (Serguei Kolos) Use steady_clock in place of system_clock (Serguei Kolos) Don't explicitely use ROBFragmentProcessor class. Add default value to data-integrity-checker-name command line parameter. (Serguei Kolos) Hide cursor behind the low right corner of the terminal (Serguei Kolos) Add missing includes (Serguei Kolos) Simplify FULL mode data generation implementation (Serguei Kolos) Use lambda function in place of std::bind (Serguei Kolos) Use steady_clock in place of system_clock (Serguei Kolos) Add missing includes. (Serguei Kolos) Fix incorrect statement in the documentation (Serguei Kolos) Print timing infromation at the stop of each run (Serguei Kolos) Reduce number of parameters specific for InternalData input (Serguei Kolos) Downgrade some LOG messages to DEBUG (Serguei Kolos) Set number of dead links to 0 (Serguei Kolos) Don't link swrod_custom_plugin_test with swrod_core_impl library (Serguei Kolos) Use steady_clock in place of system_clock (Serguei Kolos) Update documentation (Serguei Kolos)

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