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PBEAST patch for new data compaction, see ADAMATLAS-432

Igor Soloviev requested to merge isolov/tdaq-09-04-00/pbeast into tdaq-09-04-00

=== pbeast ===

update documentation (Igor Soloviev) fix run-time type conversion error in test binary (Igor Soloviev) rename receiver-monitoring.xml to pbeast-monitoring.xml and do not install it as IS file (Igor Soloviev) new delta-compression data format v5 (Igor Soloviev) few improvements for pbeast_remove_duplicated dry mode (Igor Soloviev) fix (Igor Soloviev) extend to cover x.pb ! x.1.pb and x1.pb == xN.pb (Igor Soloviev) Use FindPython rather than PythonLibs (Reiner Hauser) improve log messages im (Igor Soloviev) create utility to remove duplicated files, see ADAMATLAS-430 (Igor Soloviev) remove unset PYTHONHOME and PYTHONPATH to use auth-get-sso-cookie for TDAQ releases newer tdaq-09-04-00 (Igor Soloviev) As Wainer noted, the None is a keyword and cannot be used as enum value since python 3 (Igor Soloviev)

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