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"mark submitted TriggerDB with tag TriggerDB-00-00-15 for tdaq-10-00-00"

Mark Stockton requested to merge mark/tdaq-10-00-00/TriggerDB into tdaq-10-00-00

=== TriggerDB ===

Restructure ISObject functions and imports (Mark Stockton) Improve documentation (Mark Stockton) Correction in schema patch to avoid invalidating indexes (Mark Stockton) Improve dictionary names (Mark Stockton) Add summary printout of BGS content Clarify reading from IS messsage (Mark Stockton) Update readme for BunchGroup creation (Mark Stockton) Update scripts for TriggerDB package Add protection for name over 50 Chars (DB limit) (Mark Stockton) BunchGroup generation scripts as used in Run 3, from file or LHC (Mark Stockton) Update test name suggestions in (Mark Stockton) add eos method to listing scripts (Benedict Allbrooke) add eos method to setmonitoringgroupsinuse (Benedict Allbrooke) Improve readme for monitoring groups (Benedict Allbrooke) currentlyinuse -> lastinuse (Benedict Allbrooke) Fix authentication error output (Benedict Allbrooke) Add eos to extraction tools (Benedict Allbrooke) Missing slashes (Benedict Allbrooke) add eos to existing connection tools (Benedict Allbrooke) add eos to existing connection tools (Benedict Allbrooke) missing slash (Benedict Allbrooke) add path (Benedict Allbrooke) fix duplication (Benedict Allbrooke) fix for connection (Benedict Allbrooke) Various small fixes and documentation (Benedict Allbrooke) placeholder approach for filling in eos area (Benedict Allbrooke) Add reverse lookup (Benedict Allbrooke) variety of small fixes found by testing following moving things around (Benedict Allbrooke) fix for moving things around (Benedict Allbrooke) Small fix (Benedict Allbrooke) Update method for inserting mon groups when one already present and updating README (Benedict Allbrooke) include in use when printing status checks (Benedict Allbrooke) fix connection parameters for P1 usage (Benedict Allbrooke) add in use to table print out (Benedict Allbrooke) Adds extra print out and check on getting mon groups in use (Benedict Allbrooke) fix printout and better method for checking groups to change (Benedict Allbrooke) remove duplicate print (Benedict Allbrooke) reference listing mongroups attached to SMK (Benedict Allbrooke) include setMonitoringGroupsInUse in readme (Benedict Allbrooke) improve printing (Benedict Allbrooke) various fixes to workflow from testing (Benedict Allbrooke) remove unneeded import (Benedict Allbrooke) first go at inuse column (Benedict Allbrooke)

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