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"kolos submitted netio with tag netio-11-01-00 for tdaq-10-00-00"

Serguei Kolos requested to merge kolos/tdaq-10-00-00/netio into tdaq-10-00-00

=== netio ===

disable verbs support (cgottard) Upgraded to cmake 3.5 min (Mark Donszelmann) Fixed FLX-2295 (Mark Donszelmann) Update .gitlab-ci.yml file (Mark Donszelmann) Revert "Added a mutex to protect the access to unregistered_contexts across threads" (cgottard) Added a mutex to protect the access to unregistered_contexts across threads (Alex Toldaiev) Fix for flx-2073 (Mark Donszelmann)

=== swrod ===

Warm up preallocated memory (Serguei Kolos) Rename member attributes (Serguei Kolos) Remove commented code (Serguei Kolos) Improve accuracy (Serguei Kolos) Warm up first memory page in the constructor (Serguei Kolos) Rename m_L1A_received to m_l1a_received (Serguei Kolos) Set timestamp that is sued for timeout when the Slice is first time used (Serguei Kolos) Increment trigger counter for dropped packets only if the corresponding L1A was received (Serguei Kolos) Verify that number of builder threads is greater than zero. (Serguei Kolos) Stop timer before stopping the input (Serguei Kolos) Fix the bug that prevented usage of multiple internal L1A generators (Serguei Kolos) Don't put late L1A packets to assembly buffer (Serguei Kolos) Allow garbage collection for assembly buffer (Serguei Kolos) Improve link disabling procedure (Serguei Kolos) Fix a bug of not using L1ID from L1A packet if data slice arrived earlier (Serguei Kolos) Add missing 'lock' variable name which otherwise prevented proper mutex lock (Serguei Kolos) Fix race condition in ConcurrentBoundedMap. Properly implement L1A wait timeout (Serguei Kolos) Grab a mutex during each FSM transition to avoid contention with publish (Gordon Crone) Check that L1A was received only in TTC-driven mode (Serguei Kolos) Rename counter to index and m_timestamp_us to m_l1a_timestamp_us (Serguei Kolos) Remove Barrier::activate and Barrier::deactivate functions (Serguei Kolos) Update memory performance test (Serguei Kolos) Remove padding as it has no real effect on performance (Serguei Kolos) Add memory test (Serguei Kolos) Rename head/tail to begin/end (Serguei Kolos) Reimplement SWROD_THROTTLED_ERROR macro (Serguei Kolos) Declare Allocator as nested class (Serguei Kolos) Set default synch interval to 100 (Serguei Kolos) Check timeout only when data packet with a new L1ID is received. (Serguei Kolos) Add share_ptr memory pool. Add explicite units for time-based parameter names. Always use write locks for fragment assembler map. (Serguei Kolos) Switch to felix 4.2.8 (Serguei Kolos) Perfromance optimisation (Serguei Kolos) Fix incorrect behaviour in case of not getting data from all E-Links (Serguei Kolos) Reduce code offset (Serguei Kolos) Adjust includes (Serguei Kolos) Reset histogram when a new run is started (Serguei Kolos) Add padding to match CPU cache line size (Serguei Kolos) Improve CPU cache utilisation. (Serguei Kolos) Maintain sclice indexes in the builders (Serguei Kolos) Add mutex to be used by the GBTFastBuilder (Serguei Kolos) Remove unused function (Serguei Kolos) Report buffer overflows and timeouts separately (Serguei Kolos) Use gettimeofday instead of clock_gettime which uses way more CPU (Serguei Kolos) Fully functional version (Serguei Kolos) Remove unused variable (Serguei Kolos) Convert private attribute to protected (Serguei Kolos) First attempt to use timestamp for timeout implementation (Serguei Kolos)

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