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    Goetz Gaycken authored
    2015-10-02 Goetz Gaycken
            * added TRT summary information: total number of high threshold hits,
    	  number of hits used for dE/dx computation
    	* added method to update summary information which is still unset
    	* templatised code to avoid code duplication.
    	* temporary workaround for out of bound PID requests.
    2015-07-24 Shaun Roe
    	* fix coverity
    12883 09/07/2014 (Medium) Uninitialized scalar field :/InstallArea/include/TrkTrackSummary/TrkTrackSummary/MuonTrackSummary.h in function "ChamberHitSummary"
    	* tagged as TrkTrackSummary-00-23-12
    2015-06-27 Miriam Diamond
    	* add DBM to list of detectors
    	* tagged as TrkTrackSummary-00-23-11
    2015-06-16 Nick Styles
    	* Add DBM Hits
    	* Tagged as TrkTrackSummary-00-23-10
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