Commit b52e224d authored by Nils Erik Krumnack's avatar Nils Erik Krumnack Committed by Graeme Stewart
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fixed AnaToolHandle::swap to work in Athena (the problem was that the release...

fixed AnaToolHandle::swap to work in Athena (the problem was that the release function had the AnaToolHandle it worked on hard-coded) (AsgTools-00-00-85)

	* fixed AnaToolHandle::swap to work in Athena (the problem was that
	  the release function had the AnaToolHandle it worked on hard-
	* tagging as AsgTools-00-00-85

2016-05-05 Nils Krumnack <>
	* added documentation to the MessageCheck.h header file
	* tagging as AsgTools-00-00-84
parent f9905739
......@@ -554,7 +554,7 @@ namespace asg
// \brief this contains a release function we use, so that we can
// break down on include dependencies
std::function<void ()> m_releaseFunction;
std::function<void (ToolHandle<T> *)> m_releaseFunction;
std::string fullName () const;
......@@ -88,7 +88,7 @@ namespace asg
m_parent (val_parent),
m_originalTypeAndName (m_handle->typeAndName ())
#ifndef ROOTCORE
, m_releaseFunction ([this] () {
, m_releaseFunction ([] (ToolHandle<T> *m_handle) {
using namespace msgToolHandle;
//tool has 2 ref counts out of the box?? (ToolSvc and, and ToolSvc again because of the queryInterface call (line 348 of ToolSvc.cpp .. and see line 34 of AlgTool.cpp))
if(m_handle->isSet()) {
......@@ -191,7 +191,7 @@ namespace asg
detail::removePropertyFromCatalogue( fullName() , prop ).ignore();
if (m_releaseFunction)
m_releaseFunction ();
m_releaseFunction (m_handle.get());
......@@ -11,9 +11,68 @@
// reports, feature suggestions, praise and complaints.
// This module still needs to be documented. The interface provided
// in this module is intended for experts only. The module is
// considered to be in the pre-alpha stage.
/// \file MessageCheck.h
/// \brief macros for messaging and checking status codes
/// The core of this file is the macro ANA_CHECK. With it, a simple
/// main might look like this:
/// \code{.cpp}
/// int main ()
/// {
/// using namespace asg::msgUserCode;
/// ANA_CHECK (xAOD::Init());
/// return 0;
/// }
/// \endcode
/// For the most part \ref ANA_CHECK works just like \ref ATH_CHECK,
/// except it works for any kind of status code (and other things like
/// bool). By default it will return a regular StatusCode object, but
/// you can make it return a different type by specifying \ref
/// ANA_CHECK_SET_TYPE at the beginning of the function. In the
/// example I use it to return an int instead.
/// Unfortunately the example will compile without that line, but it
/// will not work as expected, i.e. when you return
/// StatusCode::FAILURE it will convert to a value of 0, which the
/// shell interprets as success. There is very little I can do about
/// that from my side, as that is the intrinsic behavior of StatusCode
/// itself. So it is very important that you remember to put that
/// line in.
/// If you have a function that needs to indicate failure, but can't
/// do so via a status code (e.g. a constructor) you can use the macro
/// \ref ANA_CHECK_THROW, which will throw an exception instead.
/// However, where possible a status code is preferred.
/// If this is actually a unit test and you already had the chance to
/// update it to GoogleTest, then there are also macros
/// defined that integrate with the GoogleTest reporting system.
/// The other thing needed in the above example is the using namespace
/// line. This makes the standard messaging macros available in
/// functions that are not member functions of a tool. Or almost: It
/// works fine in RootCore, but for dual-use code you need to use
/// ANA_MSG_* instead of ATH_MSG_* for sending messages yourself.
/// The msgUserCode category I used here is meant for things like main
/// functions, etc. If you want to use this for other standalone
/// functions you may consider making your own category (or indeed
/// several). For that you put in one of your headers the line:
/// \code{.cpp}
/// ANA_MSG_HEADER (msgMyCategory)
/// \endcode
/// and then in one of the source files:
/// \code{.cpp}
/// ANA_MSG_SOURCE (msgMyCategory, "MyCategory")
/// \endcode
/// That way users get the chosen label as part of the messages. Plus
/// they can actually set the message level separately for each
/// category.
// $Id: AsgTool.cxx 745116 2016-05-05 15:59:32Z ssnyder $
// $Id: AsgTool.cxx 745115 2016-05-05 15:59:29Z ssnyder $
// System include(s):
#include <iostream>
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