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ATR-19246 TriggerMT Decision Encoding in ESD Update

Tim Martin requested to merge tamartin/athena:configTrigDecToolMT into master

This persists in the trigger output a HLTSummary, and then in the ESD a xAOD::TrigDecision object the bit-set which corresponds to fired triggers in the new MT prototype. cc @tbold @bwynne

It hacks a short-term hard-coded fudge into the trigger configuration service in order to obtain ChainCounters. cc @mark @fwinkl @stelzer

  • Remove my recently added extension to the TrigDecision EDM. Disk-space wise, this was not going to work, sadly.
  • Update downstream clients of DecisionSummaryMakerAlg within the trigger (signatureMoni, streaming, bit-encoding in HLTResult)
  • Update TrigDecisionMakerMT to read all HLT summaries from one collection, DecisionSummaryMakerAlg's HLTSummary
  • Update transient HLT seeding information written by L1Decoder, call this L1DecoderSummary everywhere.
  • Copy TrigCost end-of-event trigger fire to DecisionSummaryMakerAlg
  • Remove the output from the TriggerSummaryAlg - this now just prints to terminal
  • Hack the TrigConfSvc to allow hard-coded chains to be injected in the short term, for testing.

(note known problem with egamma test, will try and fix that now too - but in its own MR)

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