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Pseudomerge of FTK athena/Trigger packages from release 21 to master (part 1)

John Baines requested to merge baines/athena:FTK-pseudomerge-part1 into master

Update FTK-HLT packages from upstream/21.0-TrigMC to upstream/master via pseudo-merge (ATR-19006 step 1) Update packages:FTK_DataProviderInterfaces FTK_DataProviderSvc FTK_RecExample FTK_RecToolInterfaces FTK_RecTools TrigFTK_Monitoring TrigFTK_RawData TrigFTK_RawDataAlgs TrigFTK_RawDataTPCnv TrigFTK_RecAlgs TrigFTK_RecExample TrigFTKByteStream TrigFTKHypo TrigInDetConf from upstream/21.0-TrigMC to upstream/master via pseudo-merge

This a resuming MR in the new repository. Please note that the L1 and L2 reviews were completed in that MR. However when adding updates to 2 files to address L2 review requests, new conflicts arose and there was not time to complete the MR before the repository was cleaned.

This is step 1 of the two step merge described in ATR-19006

Command: --packages Trigger/TrigFTK/FTK_DataProviderInterfaces Trigger/TrigFTK/FTK_DataProviderSvc Trigger/TrigFTK/FTK_RecExample Trigger/TrigFTK/FTK_RecToolInterfaces Trigger/TrigFTK/FTK_RecTools Trigger/TrigFTK/TrigFTK_Monitoring Trigger/TrigFTK/TrigFTK_RawData Trigger/TrigFTK/TrigFTK_RawDataAlgs Trigger/TrigFTK/TrigFTK_RawDataTPCnv Trigger/TrigFTK/TrigFTK_RecAlgs Trigger/TrigFTK/TrigFTK_RecExample Trigger/TrigFTK/TrigFTKByteStream Trigger/TrigHypothesis/TrigFTKHypo Trigger/TrigTools/TrigInDetConf --source upstream/21.0-TrigMC --target upstream/master --stage 2

Conflicts resolved by editing the affected files. In general the FTK coding changes were taken from 21.0-TrigMC and the InDet tool changes and trivial naming convention changes were taking from master.

Note that for TrigIndetConf only the following FTK-specific files were updated: Trigger/TrigTools/TrigInDetConf/python/ Trigger/TrigTools/TrigInDetConf/python/

This was tested with ctest -j8 --output-on-failure There was a failure in test 8 - TrigUpgradeTest_egammaRunData_ctest11, but this was the same for the bare nightly (2018-12-18T2257) without any changes.

Also successfully tested with and Also tested running RDOtoESD.

This fixes the problem in ATR-19240

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