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Add Fake tau Task force variables

Luca Fiorini requested to merge lfiorini/athena:TauDeriv-20181219 into 21.2

New tool to add variables for the Tau Fake Task Force both in Derivations and THOR.

  • Added a TauRecTool to add tau width variable to xAOD
  • Added TauAODProcessor configured to run over AOD and that only loads this tool
  • Added call in DerivationFrameworkTau/ to load the TauAODProcessor.
  • Added variable in **DerivationFrameworkTau/

All problems are now solved, thanks in particular to @fscutti

@martindl : Do you want to remove the same variable from DerivationFrameworkSUSY in the same MR?

Edited by Luca Fiorini

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