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athenaHLT: Write histograms into their own directory for child processes

Frank Winklmeier requested to merge fwinkl/athena:athenaHLT_THistSvc into master

We were getting basically empty histogram files when running in because the mother overwrote the ROOT file of the children. This MR fixes this by placing the ROOT files into their own directory when running with the offline THistSvc.

  • Add the missing call to updateDFProps after the fork to individualize the child properties (e.g. app name).
  • Use the IoComponentMgr to mange the I/O for child processes as done in athenaMP. This creates a sub-directory for each child into which histogram files are being written.
  • With the above we can run also in using the offline THistSvc.

TODO: It's not nice that we are creating empty directories in case the online THistSvc is used. Can probably add a check on the number of registered files and if zero, don't bother with the I/O component manager. But this is for a future MR.

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