Update packages:TrigEgammaEmulationTool TrigEgammaMatchingTool…

Update packages:TrigEgammaEmulationTool TrigEgammaMatchingTool TrigEgammaMonitoring from upstream/21.0 to upstream/master via pseudo-merge

Following in ATR-19005.

The result of the test_physics_pp_v7_primaries_build.sh are available in /afs/cern.ch/user/f/fernando/public/ATR-19005/pseudomerge_fernando_31_Dec_TrigEgammaEmulationTool_to_master/.

There are arrors unrelated to these packages.

TrigEgammaAnalysisTools pseudomerge fialed. So not included in this merge

Most of the conflicts resolved in favor of 21.0-TrigMC. Except those related to changes in interfaces or in messaging, that were updated in master and not in 21.0-TrigMC. Many conflicts resolved on many files. If doubts, please opend discussion or follow up in ATR-19005.

Edited by Fernando Monticelli

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