Externals Update, master branch (2019.01.09.)

While I know that ATLASRECTS-4815 is still in flight to be fixed, I wanted to open this already now. As it may anyway take a while to go through.

With this update I switched all projects to atlasexternals-2.0.18. The full list of changes is: atlasexternals@2.0.17...2.0.18


  • Updated AnalysisBaseExternals to build TBB, and make the standalone version of ROOT build against that version of TBB;
  • Made it possible to build AnalysisBaseExternals on PPC64 and in C++17 mode;
  • Updated Acts to version 0.7.3 (cc. @pagessin);
  • Updates to CheckerGccPlugins for GCC 9 (cc. @ssnyder);
  • Updated all projects to use LCG_94a (cc. @emoyse, @wlampl).

Since LCG_94a brings in ROOT 6.14/08 which has a number of improvements over the currently used 6.14/04 version, I decided to update all projects to this LCG version.

But my main motivation for this update is to pave the way for another MR that will revive a stripped-down version of AnalysisBase in the master branch. As I want to be able to start developing some standalone code in the master branch. (Including building code on PPC64...)

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