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Correcting filling of TrackSummary information for ITk track reconstruction

This MR contributes to correctly fill the TrackSummary information for ITk reconstruction, evaluating the numbers of hits and contributing layers for the different regions (inclined modules or barrel ring modules [step3] are counted as a separate layers). I have implemented a new object, called PrecisionHitInfo, that is filled by the with the measurement information (detector region, layer, eta module) when the InDetTrackSummaryHelperTool loops on the TrackStateOnSurface and analyses them. Therefore, the PrecisionHitInfo keep trace of the number of measurements in their information and is then used to correct the number of contributing layers and hits for the different detector regions, i.e. pixelBarrelFlat, pixelBarrelInclined, pixelBarrelRing and pixelEndcap. It contains also the possibility of counting the strip quantities which is currently not used. It is defined in the TrkTrackSummary package since TrkTrackSummaryTool, TrkToolInterfaces and InDetTrackSummaryHelperTool will depend on it.

NB: The TrackSummary information is expanded and some additional variables are added. Anyhow the hitpattern stays unchanged.

@nstyles, @asalzbur, @xai, @npetters, @lmijovic, @goblirsc, @swaban

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