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Support GSC for FTK b-jet chains

Carlo Varni requested to merge cvarni/athena:SupportGSCforFTK into 21.3

Following ATR-19193, some code changes in the configuration of FTK b-jet chains are needed in order to support GSC. This has been tested in 21.3 by adding some FTK+GSC b-jet chains in the Physics v7 menu and with the following command: --cleardir --test AthenaTrigRDO_MC_pp_v7_no_prescale_toxAOD_FTK --rundir AthenaTrigRDO_MC_pp_v7_no_prescale_toxAOD_FTK --conf TriggerTest.conf

Additional code changes have to be applied for addressing ATR-19262, but I'll open another MR for that since it is a different issue.

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