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Event-based JVT/fJVT scale factors

Tadej Novak requested to merge tadej/athena:analysis/jvt into 21.2

As JVT/fJVT have efficiency and inefficiency scale factors we need to compute them per-event if we want to drop jets not passing the selection. By recommendation this is done after overlap removal.

This MR adds JetJvtAnalysisSequence. It is used to compute global event scale factors and select JVT/fJVT jets.

Also adding a helper class AsgEventScaleFactorAlg.

When this is accepted I have the same treatment in place for flavour tagging.

/cc @akraszna, @khoo, @krumnack, @ksuruliz, @jburr

(This MR is based on !20222 (merged))

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