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Merge release/21.0.92 into 21.3 branch

John Derek Chapman requested to merge jchapman/athena:Merge21.0.92into21.3 into 21.3

This merge request merges the changes that went into the 21.0 branch between the release/21.0.91 and release/21.0.92 tags into the 21.3 branch.

release/21.0.92 contains the following frozen-tier0-violating merge requests:

  • athenaprivate1!15481
  • athenaprivate1!16537

MRs in, accepted since

  • athenaprivate1!16769: FW-like Code Compatibility
  • athenaprivate1!15481: Sweeping athenaprivate1!15419 from 21.2 to 21.0. Fix MET_Truth muon selections for IntOut and IntMuons terms
  • athenaprivate1!16537: Merge 21.1 into 21.0

The full diff between release/21.0.92 and release/21.0.91 is available at

Edited by John Derek Chapman

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