The ringer athena MT migration (Fex and Hypo code)

Closed Joao Victor Da Fonseca Pinto requested to merge (removed):ringer_athenaMT_migration into master

The Athena MT ringer migration will affect:

  • TrigT2CaloCommon: Include doRinger flag in python configuration;
  • TrigT2CaloEgamma: Code harmonization, new Athena monitoring, New Ringer Fex follows the recomendation from AthenaMT note (const methods), support to bphysics chains for no hadronic chains (nohad) for future developments;
  • TrigMultiVarHypo: Code update, harmonization and migration to Athena MT follow the recommendations from AthenaMT note; (solver the issue in ATR-19281);
  • TrigUpgradeTest: Add ringer chain test (fex+hypo);

Tested using: Asetup master,r4,setup,here And Source (see test file in TrigUpgradeTest)

Tagging: @fernando and @thrynova (ringer MT task); @damazio (responsible for TrigT2Calo*) @wsfreund

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